Saturday, August 19, 2017

toured the gym

Abigail is still my real life rapunzel tangled doll.  every time I wake her up, she's so out of it and I always think of that one scene out of frozen where Anna is waking up on coronation day.  also, the first thing she does is reach for her book. probably like how I always reach for my phone.  half asleep but knows where to reach.

got that girl to school on time with no trouble at all.  probably helped that I got myself up an hour before I usually do.

looked over and saw these two just hanging out.

pretending to take a picture of me.

my boys

Brady didn't like how one of his fingers looked in the first picture so we had to do a retake.  that kid cracks me up.

her facial expressions KILL ME.  I think she's so cute.

I laughed at this.  sitting in centennial is a lady who gets paid to approve exterior home paint colors and she's comparing a real life paint sample in her office (that I, myself, painted and drove over to her) to a photo on a computer screen... totally not acknowledging that a single photo is not an accurate representation of a color.  like she's never seen how different a sidewalk can look in the sun, versus the patch in the shade of a tree.  so, I sent her a whole slew of photos and we'll see what she responds.  I mean seriously... all three of these pictures are siding on the same house and all within 11 minutes of each other... just depends on how the clouds are moving and affecting the light.

I spent an hour on the phone with various people about Brady's preschool situation.  this is consuming so many hours of my time and I realize it's not a huge deal what my kid does the year before he goes into kindergarten, but I've felt SO unsettled in my stomach about it that it's impossible to ignore. I have an appointment to go on Monday and observe both afternoon classes (even though I'm set on A) and I even went to the gym and toured around because my other option would be to skip preschool entirely and instead just have him do the daycare at the gym (for getting out of the house and playing with different kids and different toys in a different environment) and then I would homeschool him basically in the afternoon and just teach him things that he's interested in.  or I could do both and just do preschool two days a week instead of four.  ugh.  I've asked at least 10 parents about this and I still don't know my answer.

the library closes at 5 on Friday so we picked up Abigail and went straight there.  we didn't really need to go except that Abigail really wanted some of the books that were waiting on hold and I thought it would kill a bit of time since honey wouldn't get home from Wyoming till after 7:30.

at dinner, Abigail finished her food before the rest of us.  when I looked up from my plate, I saw this. the orange washcloth rag is the boat, the upside down cup is the decoration on the boat the holds up the shelter... which is the purple plate acting as an umbrella.  her fingers are the people walking around the boat and then running under the shelter when it rains.  I was literally speechless and she was all "that's really creative!"  ha, yes.  people are probably going to say that a lot to you in your life.  she's a real outside of the box thinker.

honey got home by 7:45 and took the kids up to the pool for the movie party.  it was 8:00 and I was all "I should put Elizabeth and Andrew to bed and then clean up a bit." and then I thought about how lame that was and why should I spend a summer evening cleaning my house by myself?  answer: I shouldn't.  I should just go to the pool with my family and enjoy hotdogs and treats and watch trolls hang out with Sarah.

after an hour or so, I decided to take Andrew and Elizabeth home and Brady wanted to come too. the walk home was so fun.  I was holding Elizabeth and pushing Andrew and Brady was just walking along as my little buddy.  asking me about the stars in the sky and why are they so far away and why do some people at halloween stay home to give out candy instead of walking around and getting candy and could we buy bubble gum this year to give out to people and could he actually just have ONE piece before we give it all away.  and it kind of broke my heart a little when he expressed worry that we would forget to buy bubblegum and I told him that I had a feeling he'd remember and remind me.  and he (as he usually does) said something about how he's not good at remembering things (which is a lie, because the kid NEVER forgets).  he was like "I always forget everything.  like every time at night I have questions and I always forget them when I wake up in the morning." it totally stresses him out.  I think that's why he asks SO many questions at night when I'm waiting for him to fall asleep.  it's not that he can't wait to hear the answer, he's just afraid that he's going to forget the question and he'll never be able to ask it or hear the answer.  I picked up a bill nye the science guy video for the kids at the library today and they watched it when they got home.  it was about the solar system, mostly emphasizing how much space is in space.  Brady was sad all "I'm not learning anything."  I thought he was complaining about not liking the show but when I asked him about it, he was like "I keep forgetting... I can't remember everything."  ha, you and me both, bud.  I've got no idea how far the sun is from each of it's planets.  anyway, I've been really endeared to that kid lately and loved that quiet, dark, pensive, walk home.  one of those simple moments that caught me off guard and hit the spot in a way that I wished I could freeze it forever.

and then the three of us had a lot of fun giggling at home.  especially about Elizabeth's face covered in red vines.

I love when Brady's all "mom! take a picture of us!" such a loving sibling.

I got the others all situated for bed and then finally ran downstairs to take care of Andrew and of course he'd fallen asleep.  it's like he's just resigned himself to the fact that he'll always be the last one to get fed and the last one to get any attention at bedtime.  he's such an optimal fourth child.

it was a good day.

Friday, August 18, 2017

first world problems

ugh.  today was such an annoying day. I was on the phone with constant calls and texts and I last minute ran over to Brady's preschool for an hour to observe his classroom and really the whole day was just going going on the phone.  I think that's probably what honey's days are like.  at the end of the day though, I had to feel fortunate that my problems center around getting my house painted, deciding which option of preschool is best for my son, and figuring out what course of action is the best for me to help my daughter.  my problems are the result of good options and living in a good area.  I'm okay with that.