Friday, August 11, 2017

going all day

I got a lot done today.  I mean, looking at my house, you wouldn't know that... but just trust me that I spent zero minutes on Facebook and lots of minutes cleaning, doing laundry, watching my kids play outside, and even cooking.  

I love when my days start with these two boys.  they're my two cuddliest kids right now.

after getting Abigail to school (on time!), I vacuumed the whole house.  Brady helped with the real vacuum and Elizabeth helped with her pink Minnie Mouse vacuum.

for the record, Brady requested that he help.  he also requested specific areas that he wanted to vacuum.  my favorite was when he said he wanted to vacuum in the kitchen and was doing such a careful job but was unsatisfied with how much he was missing.  he turned off the vacuum and took a few minutes to pull all of the chairs out from the kitchen table so he could vacuum under there.  he is going to make a stellar husband someday.  or maybe just a good college roommate.  ; )

the dynamics at home today were totally different with Abigail at school.  Brady and Elizabeth were just two little kids doing their thing.  it's so great that Elizabeth can talk so much these days.  and that she's amazing at imitating everyone... it makes her seem so much older.  she is so observant.


Elizabeth stole my phone.

we all watched a paw patrol while I put away some laundry before getting Abigail.

Andrew doesn't cry often.  but this is his about to whimper face.  kind of concerned... like his brother.  ; )  but better than his concerned face?  his smiling face!  he's been really smiling frequently and consistently this week.  it's so precious but I'm normally too busy enjoying it to even think about trying to catch it on camera.  but he definitely smiles at me and I love it.

I made chicken and rice for dinner.  I just need to document that since I virtually never make a dinner other than quesadillas, tacos, or something involving eggs.

after dinner, honey took the kids on a bike ride to the stroll playground while I did more putting away laundry and housework.  I swear it's endless.  I think caring for four young kids (and everything that entails) can be most closely compared to a hamster running on an exercise wheel.

and I managed to finish making changes to the sacrament program.  so. many. announcements.  tomorrow I can get it printed.  

and I'm even going to get myself to sleep before midnight.  more from sheer exhaustion than self discipline but I'll take it anyway.  woohoo!

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